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1/50 CAT 572C Pipelayer


This model is the second of the 1:50th scale historical series which were commissioned by ACMOC – the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club (first was the 977 Traxcavator).
Cat’s 572C is a modification of the mid-1950s D7-17A series bulldozer but with a boom and hydraulically extended counterweight
Originally intended for pipelaying, machines of this type have also seen extensive use in the railroad industry where they are used to clear derailments and wrecks.
They are a very versatile machine.
Norscot have done a very good job of the 572C Pipelayer, better in fact than their standard production items (D11, D10 etc) with loads more detail which is very well executed.
The model features a working boom & counterweight plus individually linked metal tracks.
My only criticism, and a minor one at that, would be that a few of the multitude of levers found on these tractors are a little on the chunky size but these can be whittled down with a sharp knife if you’re keen (and craeful).
Exceptionally fine printing of the Caterpillar logo’s finish the model off perfectly.
A worthy addition to any collection.
Date Added: 17/06/2010 by Richard Campbell
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