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1/25 IH S Series Sevice Truck


This model is jam-packed with detail.
The mobile service vehicle sports a completely different engine & bonnet from First Gears original 'S' series transporter.
Along with all the features which blew me away with the first 'S' Line model(opening doors, rotating driveline, positionable mirrors etc) First Gear have again raised the bar and this time ALL the body panels open up (as the doors are quite well fitting a tool is provided to assist you).
Inside is a wealth of details - oxy acetylene bottles, welders mask, jerry cans, two vices, tool chests, strops, chains - in short everything you would expect to find on a vehicle engaged in field service work.
A substantial welder sits on the rear deck along with a positionable hydraulic crane.
As a bonus, First Gear also provide some loose tools (including a torch !) to dress up a potential diorama.
An excellent, high quality model.
Date Added: 09/07/2008 by Richard Campbell
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